Drive customer experiences, not tech transformations

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables you to win customers, winning at implementations is a bit tricky. You need accredited experts like us to align your operations with the right information technology to see the transformation you visualized.


Not transforming your customer service can harm customer experience badly.

Most customer service transformations stall because leaders fail to track and link the efforts directly with strategic priorities. Without improving agent experience or having a clear visibility into data that drives customer satisfaction, the effort end up being frivolous.

Rising customer expectations poses new challenges for businesses

Lack of portals with a rich knowledge base to help agents ensure self-service
Failure to detect and solve issues even before they occur to customers
Incapability to deal with case resolution to equip agents with right details

Transform your customer support with an advanced system

Leverage embedded IoT (Internet of Things) alerts and signals to deliver proactive service
Optimize your service operations and experiences through AI-driven insights and analytics
Take care of case resolutions through AI-driven productivity tools for better accessibility to information

Solve all agent issues with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Deliver rich customer service experiences by implementing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, a unified platform with ultra-modern capabilities. Get a bird’s-eye view of the minutest activity associated with customers to enable agents to perform better.

Increase your customer agent productivity
Personalize your customer experience
Auto assign requests to the ideal agents
Access to knowledge-share insights
Fix device problems proactively and easily
Quickly adapt to customer sentiments real-time

A reliable Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation partner for your transformation need

As licensed experts in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, we not just bring our valuable insights to your table but also work with you like a true partner, taking the burden off your shoulders to modernize your IT with a seamless experience.

Our digital services are designed to cater your business end to end.

We examine your current state of operations and system to come up with innovative ideas that can change the way your customer service operates. We ideate fresh strategies in a span of 10 weeks.


We help your business stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements by getting away with your old, outdated systems and upgrade them with new systems to ensure you reap all the functional capabilities.


Mitigate the need to jump between business applications by bringing them all at one place. With vast experience and being Microsoft-certified, we take a standardized, agile approach to implement seamlessly.


With well-defined SLAs (Service-level Agreement) and escalation matrix, we provide a support experience that you will find nowhere else. We resolve issues at the earliest time for better customer experience.

Chart the future of customer care with a core optimization philosophy

New digital customer-care technologies have maximized revenues, saved on costs, and delivered better customer experience at once. To maximize your competitive advantage, you have to be quick—and smart because the future rate of e-care is different.

Drive operational and cost effectiveness
Build a next-gen revenue engine
Change the technology landscape
Clasp to an omnichannel CX

We make it real in realistic timeframes

Our agile approach puts a halt to overly long-lived, typical implementation odysseys. The combo of experienced team and best practices enables advanced configurations, quick prototyping, and 100% automated supply chain models.

With a crew of dedicated experts, we ensure three essential factors.
An agile business

We help your business unlock new opportunities by implementing a process that’s agile. We diminish inefficiencies and enable you to be future-prepared.

Higher efficiency

We implement intelligent automation solutions that deliver higher efficiency. Our tried-and-tested methods minimize delays and boosts your brand’s reputation.

Distributed footprint

We help businesses of large size overcome complexities and deal with humongous supplies flowing around geographies to see how much of something you are getting.

Digital disruption has brought a considerable shift, and it's time you restructure your operations in bold new ways. And ‘cloud ERPs’ are just what you need. They aren't emerging but are already the standard.

Switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based ERP to get a bird’s-eye view into your operations

Featuring a suite of flexible solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is exclusively designed to fit your business and not the other way around. It lets you connect teams, data, and processes with different business apps to ensure seamless operations.

Business transformation begins with an IDEA

It's not just a cool framework for kicking ideation into overdrive, but a continuous evolution strategy.


We help you inspire and envision what your business would look like by defining, planning, and storyboarding your complete digital transformation journey from start to finish. Our crew of skilled experts not just develop a long-term view but also outline clear strategies on how to deliver them.

What we do in this phase:
Find the transformation strategy that’s right for you
Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities
Use design thinking to generate and organize great ideas
Ideate through creative and critical thinking exercises 
Foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop
Turn activities into actions


We design a sealed case for technological impact and organizational change through critical value assessments to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to your strategic goals. We help quantify your business ROI by calculating key metrics like cost savings, employee efficiencies, and revenue growth.

What we do in this phase:
Build a compelling case for change
Assess both business and technological impact
Thoughtful analysis to create a tailored current-to-future state journey
Tackle business processes with an out-of-the-box Microsoft solution 
Build a phased solution roadmap to turn transformation into reality
Transform your ERP journey


We enable you to achieve key business objectives by executing the transformation initiatives through a custom-made plan that ensures elevated customer success. We help you be ready for what's ahead by reinventing your core systems with next-gen IT capabilities.

What we do in this phase:
Give you an economics-based proposal to help achieve the digital change
Analysis to show how your digital journey will impact time, team, and finances
Achieve your key business objectives identified through Microsoft Catalyst
Prepare your business for implementation to accomplish customer success
Make implementation a breeze


Real implementation begins post implementation and that’s why we simplify your transition with our exclusive post-implementation support and customer experience expertise for fewer headaches. Our technical experts act as true partners to help you resolve queries, be it big or small.

How we support:
Round the clock support
Offshore & onsite resource outsourcing
Support across all MS Dynamics products
Structured teams for rapid support
Support portal to raise tickets with strict SLAs
Single Point of Contact for every customer
Detailed monthly SLA and ticket status reports
Let us lend a hand

Unlock a better customer service,
your competitive advantage, with us

The proliferation of innovative customer-care technologies have accelerated implementation timelines dramatically. We ditch the traditional approach that may take years to implement and instead, mount you on a rapid process-digitization that’s future-proof and keeps pace with the demanding customer landscape.

We weave your customer support processes to ensure three key factors.
Deliver an omnichannel engagement for better customer experiences

We help your business provide well-connected, seamless experiences across every digital channel as well as customer interaction.

Enhance service operations via AI-driven processes and analytics

With AI-driven insights, have a complete visibility to customer journey and help your business unveil new opportunities for improvement.

Empower your productive agents with a smart case management

We enhance your agent experience through AI-driven capabilities like sentiment analysis, translation, and real-time transcription.

Microsoft certified
20+ years of experience
Agile implementation
Dedicated team of experts
Round-the-clock support

A reliable partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service in a seamless way

With a team of implementation experts, we work as true partners to re-engineer your core system and turn it cloud-ready for maximized efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.  

Learn how we implement

With a dedicated team of skilled experts, we help accelerate your transformation journey with bespoke innovation








Years of

We cater to multiple industries

Food & Beverage
Trading & Distribution
Waste management
Real estate
Retail sector
Professional services

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Terracez helped us to achieve the business critical requirement of upgrading AX 2012 to D365 within our timelines.  It was important for us to completely upgrade in 2 months which they achieved well before, where other MS partners told was not possible to do.

Kareem Jamal, GEMS

Terracez team is a great consultancy, which follows an agile approach to solve any kind of business issues. We are adding a lot of automation with their experienced and highly-skilled team in the manufacturing domain.

Zubair N. Kozhissery, Arnon KSA

We wanted a partner to support in transitioning SATS’ processes to comply with the new regulation quickly. Terracez understood our business and helped us in enabling the process efficiency without compromising on compliance.

Mohammed Shareef, SATS
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