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The second wave of digital transformation, IoT bridges both worlds—physical and digital but building intelligent solutions and achieving desired outcomes from them requires something beyond. Leverage reliable and certified Azure IoT implementation partners like us to deliver value at every step.


Not adapting to the right technology at the right time fails a business miserably.

They say, an innovator can grab the bull by its horns and steer the market into becoming the next big. But a few don’t realize that to be successful, embracing change is essential. A business thrives only when it overcomes technological disruptions. Not adapting to IoT in the digital age affects productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

IoT is great but implementation challenges are many

Integration of IoT software with old systems encounters multiple software conflicts
Increased connected devices makes it hard to handle unstructured data
Inaccurate data capture plagues key processes and adversely affects decision-making

Overcome every obstacle with right technology and reliable partners

Connect your software, hardware, and artificial intelligence with IoT for better insights and catapult operations towards the future. Not just that, unlock new opportunities with emerging patterns.
Accelerate time to market by taking your IoT project in the right direction. Create optimized workflows via automation to minimize redundant tasks and facilitate enhanced utilization of resources.
Ensure predictive maintenance by enabling IoT sensors to check your equipment health round the clock. Create maintenance schedules periodically with the data gathered via IoT seamlessly.

Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets with Microsoft Azure IoT

Build industry-specific cloud solutions with smart edge-to-cloud technologies. Drive transformation and accomplish desired outcomes for your business by creating intelligent environments which enable you to connect, monitor, model, and automate applications and devices with Microsoft Cloud.

Automate operations via edge AI

Drive business transformation through 5G edge-based solutions. Reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies, and improve productivity by delivering data-driven actions in real-time.

Develop solutions with intelligent tools

Connect, automate, and monitor billions of edge devices from a unified application platform. Build flexible solutions with highly-secure platform services while ensuring integration.

Secure your tech environment

Protect your organization on every front—software, hardware, and in the cloud. Build flexible, scalable, and open IT technology solutions with security end-to-end—from chip to cloud.

A certified Microsoft Azure IoT partner for your transformation need

As a licensed Microsoft partner, be assured of the quality we bring to your table. With years of industry experience, we bring incredible ideas and insights to transform your business to a whole new level.

We provide end-to-end digital services to meet your transformation needs.

Bring your ideas to us and we will turn them into actions within 10 weeks by crafting a strategy end to end. We help you visualize your future system with a clear-cut roadmap to achieve the transformation.


To meet the growing technological capabilities, we help your business stay up-to-date by ensuring smooth upgrades without any data loss to make sure everyone in your ecosystem reaps the IT to the fullest.


Implementation is an energy-draining process but it’s until you have experts guiding you and that’s what we do. We help mitigate the risks and ensure seamless implementation of the Microsoft stack.


With a well-structured escalation matrix and stringent SLAs (Service-level Agreement), you will experience assistance like never before. We ensure prompt responses and resolve issues quicker.

IoT projects are perceived to be risky but that’s not the case. We eliminate risk with a unique approach

While Microsoft’s Azure platform amalgamates ML and AI into your processes, we go the extra mile in building tailor-made solutions for your business to bring the impact you wanted. We drive a new wave of innovation by taking your IoT project in the right direction.

We follow an agile methodology
We do things that are right
We keep the delivery sorted

Impact is possible only when the delivery is right

In a world that frequently falls short of its promises, Terracez delivers. Our unique project delivery framework helps businesses, both small and large, create substantial shifts in customer experiences and efficiencies with innovative technology.

We deliver projects on time, every time
We  control your cost while ensuring compliance
We accelerate project performance in a holistic way
We believe in open communication for transparency and clarity
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We make it real in realistic timeframes

Our agile approach puts a halt to overly long-lived, typical implementation odysseys. The combo of experienced team and best practices enables advanced configurations, quick prototyping, and 100% automated supply chain models.

With a crew of dedicated experts, we ensure three essential factors.
An agile business

We help your business unlock new opportunities by implementing a process that’s agile. We diminish inefficiencies and enable you to be future-prepared.

Higher efficiency

We implement intelligent automation solutions that deliver higher efficiency. Our tried-and-tested methods minimize delays and boosts your brand’s reputation.

Distributed footprint

We help businesses of large size overcome complexities and deal with humongous supplies flowing around geographies to see how much of something you are getting.

Digital disruption has brought a considerable shift, and it's time you restructure your operations in bold new ways. And ‘cloud ERPs’ are just what you need. They aren't emerging but are already the standard.

Switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based ERP to get a bird’s-eye view into your operations

Featuring a suite of flexible solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is exclusively designed to fit your business and not the other way around. It lets you connect teams, data, and processes with different business apps to ensure seamless operations.

Business transformation begins with an IDEA

It's not just a cool framework for kicking ideation into overdrive, but a continuous evolution strategy.


We help you inspire and envision what your business would look like by defining, planning, and storyboarding your complete digital transformation journey from start to finish. Our crew of skilled experts not just develop a long-term view but also outline clear strategies on how to deliver them.

What we do in this phase:
Find the transformation strategy that’s right for you
Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities
Use design thinking to generate and organize great ideas
Ideate through creative and critical thinking exercises 
Foster ideation and drive decision making with an envisioning workshop
Turn activities into actions


We design a sealed case for technological impact and organizational change through critical value assessments to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to your strategic goals. We help quantify your business ROI by calculating key metrics like cost savings, employee efficiencies, and revenue growth.

What we do in this phase:
Build a compelling case for change
Assess both business and technological impact
Thoughtful analysis to create a tailored current-to-future state journey
Tackle business processes with an out-of-the-box Microsoft solution 
Build a phased solution roadmap to turn transformation into reality
Transform your ERP journey


We enable you to achieve key business objectives by executing the transformation initiatives through a custom-made plan that ensures elevated customer success. We help you be ready for what's ahead by reinventing your core systems with next-gen IT capabilities.

What we do in this phase:
Give you an economics-based proposal to help achieve the digital change
Analysis to show how your digital journey will impact time, team, and finances
Achieve your key business objectives identified through Microsoft Catalyst
Prepare your business for implementation to accomplish customer success
Make implementation a breeze


Real implementation begins post implementation and that’s why we simplify your transition with our exclusive post-implementation support and customer experience expertise for fewer headaches. Our technical experts act as true partners to help you resolve queries, be it big or small.

How we support:
Round the clock support
Offshore & onsite resource outsourcing
Support across all MS Dynamics products
Structured teams for rapid support
Support portal to raise tickets with strict SLAs
Single Point of Contact for every customer
Detailed monthly SLA and ticket status reports
Let us lend a hand

Get on an exhilarating Azure IoT implementation journey with us to unlock new possibilities

We have well-defined project management methodologies and follow a unique project delivery framework to ensure 100% success rate. With an inherently flexible approach and having mastered implementations, we ensure on-time delivery and on budget.

Our framework has three defined methodologies, which we religiously follow for every project.
EVR (Expected Value Realization)

We have aligned this delivery modely along the lines of Microsoft’s Sure-Step Methodology where we encourage prescriptive, step-by-step descriptions of inputs and outputs vital for completing every implementation phase.

AVR (Accelerated Value Realization)

We have aligned this delivery model based on four unique attributes: acceleration, certainty, value realization, and engagement to mitigate risks and improve user adoption. It helps govern the projects while providing you with a certainty of costs and timing.

RVR (Reactive Value Realization)

We have aligned this delivery model based on a five-pronged process: visualize, explore, speculate, adapt, and close to give you high-level management and tangible structure for desired business outcomes. This helps iterate and refine solutions faster.

Microsoft certified
20+ years of experience
Agile implementation
Dedicated team
Round-the-clock support

We are a high-caliber team that makes digital implementations around Microsoft Dynamics 365 breezy

With a team of implementation experts, we work as true partners to re-engineer your core system and turn it cloud-ready for maximized efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.  

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With a dedicated team of skilled experts, we
deliver memorable experiences that you will never forget








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Terracez helped us to achieve the business critical requirement of upgrading AX 2012 to D365 within our timelines.  It was important for us to completely upgrade in 2 months which they achieved well before, where other MS partners told was not possible to do.

Kareem Jamal, GEMS

Terracez team is a great consultancy, which follows an agile approach to solve any kind of business issues. We are adding a lot of automation with their experienced and highly-skilled team in the manufacturing domain.

Zubair N. Kozhissery, Arnon KSA

We wanted a partner to support in transitioning SATS’ processes to comply with the new regulation quickly. Terracez understood our business and helped us in enabling the process efficiency without compromising on compliance.

Mohammed Shareef, SATS
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