Save time and focus more on valuable legal tasks

Carry out routine tasks more effectively and free up your team’s valuable time with our prebuilt legal automation add-on. Developed using Microsoft’s Power Platform, our solution manages legal documents effectively while retrieving old cases / references, so your team gets more done in less time.

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Our legal workflow automation puts your day-to-day tasks on autopilot

Manage your routine legal tasks with a single, intuitive add-on that’s prebuilt using Microsoft’s no-code platform. We automate legal operations by integrating them into one platform, so you stay on top of everything — from progress to updates to data and analytics.

Our add-on is exclusively designed to automate step-by-step litigation, merger acquisition, and joint venture processes end-to-end in no time.

What our legal automation solution can handle

Merger and Acquisitions

Our legal automation solution is designed to solve complex workflows and documentation involved in the M&A transaction process end-to-end. It helps reduce the risk of errors and non-compliance while improving accuracy and completeness of the information gathered. By automating routine tasks and processes, legal professionals can focus on higher-value work, providing greater value to their clients.

Key features:
Due Diligence: Automates the due diligence process, which involves reviewing and analyzing legal, financial, and operational information about the target company. Automated due diligence helps streamline the entire process.
Contract Management: From drafting to reviewing and negotiating contracts, our add-on manages it all. It helps accelerate the negotiation and execution of contracts while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Document Automation: Automates documentation process, including transaction documents, disclosure schedules, and closing checklists. This helps reduce time and effort while enabling efficient collaboration among legal teams.
Project Management: Legal automation can help manage the workflow and tasks associated with M&A transactions, including task assignment, tracking, and reporting. This helps improve collaboration among legal teams, ensuring that the transaction stays on track and meets its deadlines.
Documentation retrieval: No more spending countless hours searching for specific documents because our solution pulls all the important information from necessary sources in a jiffy—no matter how many they are—preventing the need to even copy-paste.

Joint Venture

Joint ventures (JVs) involve a number of intricate, legal processes, which vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific terms of the JV agreement. And that’s where our legal automation solution helps. From drafting JV agreements to SHA, signing to final agreement execution, our tool helps automate the process end -to-end.

Key features:
Documentation Automation: Automates the creation of legal documents — JV agreements, shareholder agreements, and other transactional documents. This helps accelerate the negotiation and execution of documents while reducing the risk of errors and ensuring 100% accuracy.
Due Diligence: Automates the due diligence process, which involves reviewing and analyzing legal, financial, and operational information about the parties involved in the JV. This helps streamline the process and improves the completeness of the information gathered.
Project management: Manage the workflow and tasks associated with JV transactions, including task assignment, NDA, MOU, term sheets, SHA, tracking, and reporting. This enhances collaboration among legal teams, ensures that the transaction stays on track and meets the set deadline.

Litigation management

Rethink your next litigation case and cut about 90% of your legal team’s time by automating low-value, repetitive tasks. Copy-pasting, editing, formatting, and reviewing — all can eat up your precious time. Optimize the delivery of your legal services and allow attorneys to focus more on strategic tasks.

Key features:
Data capture: Help capture data from bilingual request forms and transfer it into other legal documents or systems. Reduce the time and cost of data entry — ensuring accuracy and consistency across.
Case management: Manage the workflow and tasks associated with litigation assessment, including team assignment, file suits, approvals, claims, MoMs, and court procedures. Automated case management can help improve collaboration among legal teams, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure that the case assessment stays on track and meets its deadlines.
Better collaboration: Include communication tools that allow legal teams to work together on MoMs, even if they are not in the same physical location. Improve communication, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
Case retrieval: Get a bird’s-eye view of all case details from a single, intuitive dashboard so that you have everything handy for future references. Search for all past cases quickly based on a variety of criteria, such as case name, client name, case won/lost, and other key terms. This saves time and effort, as legal professionals no longer have to manually sift through paper files or search multiple databases to find the data they need.

Our add-on connects to CRMS & ERPs

Our legal automation add-on is highly-integratable, so quit entering the same information into different systems. With a centralized system in place, synchronize your legal data automatically without any hassle!

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Services at a glance


We leverage 'Microsoft Catalyst' to ideate and picture your transformational journey via the IDEA (Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve) framework within 10 weeks. From envisioning workshops, driving value assessments, and giving solution demos, we cover it with a precise strategy, timeline, and deal-crafted proposal.

How we ideate and strategize:
Inspire and imagine what the future state of your business would look like by defining and storyboarding your digital transformation initiatives based on business outcomes aligned with your vision.
Design an air-tight case for organizational change and technological impact through a business value assessment. We calculate key value metrics such as cost savings, revenue growth, and more to show the value of an improved future-state..
Empower your business by bringing your transformation to life with tailored and immersive experiences. We help envision your solution through personalized demonstrations with compelling visuals to show what's possible with the right technology.
Achieve key business goals by helping you execute the transformation initiatives via a tailored plan that ensures customer success. We prepare you for what's ahead by reviving your core systems within the proposed timelines.
Turn activities into actions


Cloud migration is an energy-draining experience but it’s all until you have the right expert guiding you at every phase. While modernizing your existing apps and architecture is our key focus, we don’t rip and replace tech workflows either.
Our data-first cloud strategy ensures we don’t weaken security measures, break down processes, or jeopardize revenue. We make tech transformations seamless by bridging the old with the new to revive your core systems and drive value in the longer run.   

How to upgrade and transform:
Analyze your existing ecosystem, plan on the code and data to transform
Research and conclude on the timeline and efforts to upgrade the environment
Initiate the upgrade process
Examine the scenarios post upgrade in both Dev & UAT
Successfully migrate to the production environment
Transform your ERP journey


Agility with no strings attached. That's how we do it when configuring and implementing Dynamics 365 applications for your business. From setup to customizations to turning key integrations, we go the extra mile to ensure we are leaving you with no headaches to deal with.

How we implement:
Learn and define your business KPIs and OKRs to check if the implementation aligns with business expectations. Well-defined KPIs help an organization to prioritize appropriate use cases, allowing them to maneuver the process towards success.
Evolve your business and adapt to changing market behaviors, trends, and needs. We help you explore unexpected ways to solve business problems and get the most out of the platform without disrupting the key business processes.
Orient your business to be ready for the next-gen IT capabilities by fusing emerging technologies into your system—including IoT (Internet of Things), mixed reality, and advanced analytics.
Make implementation a breeze


Real implementation begins post implementation and that’s why we simplify your transition with our exclusive post-implementation support and customer experience expertise for fewer headaches. Our technical experts act as true partners to help you resolve queries, be it big or small.

How we support:
Round the clock support
Offshore & onsite resource outsourcing
Support across all MS Dynamics products
Structured teams for rapid support
Support portal to raise tickets with strict SLAs
Single Point of Contact for every customer
Detailed monthly SLA and ticket status reports
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Expand your business while
we streamline your legal operations

We leverage Microsoft’s Power Platform to help streamline your legal data while centralizing them to effectively manage your cases, contracts, communications, and more. Not just that, our independent application can connect to any ERP seamlessly, which means there’s no need for manual data shift, ensures data consistency across systems, and reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies.


One stop for all your requests

Don’t chase information across multiple channels. Centralize your legal intake, send all requests to a single email inbox, and effortlessly manage all your matters. Use it either as a standalone app or seamlessly integrate with any CRM to work from the flow.


Manage matters right from intake to insights

Scale your legal support while increasing transparency and boosting lawyers’ productivity. Assign and allocate matters to the right team or lawyer automatically based on the details collected during the early stage. Update specific allocation rules via a simple workflow builder.


Save time with document automation

Automate the way you draft routine documents so that your team spends their valuable time on client matters that are important and complicated. Reduce the risks of creating inaccurate documents and prevent the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Silos can stunt your legal outcomes 

We help connect and streamline your legal ecosystem to ensure better collaboration, clearer insights, and higher business performance. There’s no better time than now to start the right things.

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See the data insights you have always wanted

Manage your team capacity: Comprehend the workload of every lawyer better while distributing the tasks more effectively.
Save time on accessing key data: Streamline the way you gather and retrieve all case details of your clients while improving operational bottlenecks.
Retrieve case details easily: Automate your legal workflow end-to-end while retrieving all client data in a few seconds.
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Multiple legal process issues, one centralized solution

Use our low-code legal automation add-on to help enable your legal teams to improve speed,
access, and value of their services.

Here’s what our add-on can do for your business.
Streamline access to client, staff, and matter data

Access from any location and the team can monitor and respond to client needs remotely.

How we execute:
Access from any location allows for flexibility and convenience in the workplace
Monitor and communicate to clients remotely efficiently and effectively 
Have a more streamlined and cohesive team dynamic
Better task management and faster approvals

Manage your tasks and activities with a clear ownership, be it in-house or with external lawyers.

How we execute: 
Define processes and ownerships
Track tasks, follow-up, and prepare a checklist for the upcoming ones
Track the performance of your team against each task

Our legal automation solution is exclusively designed to manage tasks better and save time every day

Manage workloads and save work hours

Organize the way you intake your legal requests. Have them handy at a single place while distributing matters across your legal team efficiently.

Enhance your reputation and legal service

Make it easy and transparent to access key details across your legal department. Give your team a simple, friendly portal that keeps track of all case details in one place.

Get data insights that drives informed decisions

With all your legal requests at a single, digital place, you won’t have to chase information across various channels. Keep them handy so that you gain data-driven insights anytime, anywhere.

Improved client management

Dynamics 365 helps you have a single, centralized database for managing all client information, including contact details, case history, billing and invoicing, and more.

Better team

With features like shared calendars, real-time document co-authoring, and instant messaging, teams can work together seamlessly and efficiently.

Better business intelligence

With custom dashboards and reports, your law firm can track key metrics and performance indicators, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Go from unmanaged to managed.

Connect teams across departments, refine business processes, and improve outcomes with the most flexible, secure legal process automation add-on. Start empowering your legal team with a system that slays their workload, reclaims head space, and frees up their time from redundant, low-value tasks.

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