Automate Sales Workflows For Your Food Ingredient Business, So You Focus More On Valuable Tasks

Amidst gathering complex ingredient requirements, performing intense lab research, and lengthy sampling process, it’s often the sales that takes a backseat. The outcome isn’t just lack of visibility into sales data, missed opportunities, and inefficiencies but a lot more. Start automating your sales operations with our prebuilt F&B ingredient add-on for better visibility and business growth. 

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Our food ingredient solution heavy-lifts your tasks by putting the entire sales process on autopilot

Make the sales operations more manageable with an all-in-one add-on that’s developed to handle sales tasks, from lead acquisition to sample management to lab activities, quickly and accurately. Prebuilt using Microsoft’s low-code platform, our solution reduces the burden for food ingredient suppliers by streamlining their operations, giving enhanced visibility into sales data while reducing the risk of errors or delays.

Our food ingredient management software is exclusively designed to automate sales processes end-to-end in no time. 

Streamlines multi-company management

We leverage Microsoft’s Power Automate to centralize your data and processes, providing a holistic view into multi-company operations. With robust integration capabilities, our add-on allows seamless connectivity between disparate systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

By integrating financial, sales, and operational data from multiple entities, decision-makers gain real-time insights into the overall performance of their organization, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.

Seamlessly integrates with any ERP

Our food ingredient solution provides an extensive library of connectors that facilitate integration with different ERP systems.

It has inbuilt connectors that serve as a bridge between our solution and the ERP software, enabling a seamless exchange of data while triggering automated workflows based on specific events or triggers within the ERP system.

Identify emerging trends and forecast future sales performance

Our add-on has interactive visualizations that make it easy for your business to analyze the underlying sales trends. These reports can include charts, graphs, and maps that provide a visual representation of sales data, allowing stakeholders to quickly identify patterns, spot anomalies, and gain deeper insights into sales trends.

You can interact with the visualizations by drilling down into specific data points, applying filters, and exploring different dimensions, enabling a comprehensive analysis of sales trends.

Collaborate through Microsoft Teams

Our food ingredient solution is integrated with MS Teams to help your team send instant notifications, alerts, or updates about workflow progress, approvals, or any other relevant information. This ensures that team members stay informed and can take necessary actions in a timely manner.

That’s just not it. It enhances efficiency, transparency, and collaboration, ultimately improving overall productivity and achieving better business outcomes.

Detailed sales analytics and reports

Get access to a range of customizable dashboards and reports to view sales data in a way that’s most relevant. Track key metrics such as revenue, pipeline value, win/loss ratios, and more to help businesses identify trends, spot opportunities, and make informed decisions about sales strategies.

Enable data drill-down and delve into granular levels of information to see country wise sales, how many leads each sales person has converted, how a business unit is performing, check quarterly data, sales percentage, top customers, and more. Uncover hidden insights, opportunities, and gain a comprehensive understanding of complex business scenarios.

Customized invoice template configuration

Automate the creation of invoice templates, including proforma invoices. With our workflow automation capabilities, you can set up a process that generates performa invoice templates based on predefined rules or triggers. This eliminates the need for manual template creation and saves time and effort.

Not just that, define rules that determine the content and format of the template based on specific conditions or variables. This flexibility enables you to accommodate different scenarios while tailoring the performa invoice templates to meet specific requirements or customer preferences.

Transform your sales teams into
calculated business enablers

Save time and get more done with our centralized add-on that automates
even the smallest sales task, so your team has enough time
building strong customer relationships.

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Drive more sales

Give advanced data to sales teams to improve customer experience. Our add-on can integrate with any ERP or CRM to prevent data errors and allows salespeople to spend more time on strategic activities.

How we execute:
Advanced data can improve customer experience for sales teams.
Integration with CRM allows for personalized experiences for customers.
Using advanced data allows salespeople to focus on strategic activities.
Better visibility of customer opportunity lifecycle

Get a better understanding of your customer’s journey while creating room for better customer experience and suggestions. Create a strategic road map that lets you visualize and take note of touch points and scenarios with desired timelines. 

How we execute: 
Understand the customer journey to ensure better customer experience and suggestions.
A strategic road map can help visualize touch points and desired timelines.
Improving the conversion rate and reducing customer defection rate can be beneficial
Holistic view of opportunity and order tracking

Manage your tasks and activities with a clear ownership, be it in-house or with external lawyers.

How we execute: 
Define processes and ownerships
Track tasks, follow-up, and prepare a checklist for the upcoming ones
Track the performance of your team against each task

Our sales automation solution is exclusively designed for food ingredient suppliers to transform processes and speed up service delivery

Accelerate sales processes

Give a single access point for every process, so your sales team can easily go from nurturing to sending quotes and samples, automating even the mundane tasks along the way.

Empower sales team

Give sales teams the power to drive conversations with the prospects to reduce sales cycles, close deals in less time, and prevent delays back-and-forth.

Get data-driven insights that make sense 

With all your requests in one, digital place, you’ll finally have the data you need to track and analyze workload, identify risks, and know where to invest legal resources.

Increase efficiency

Automate routine tasks, such as lead capture, follow-up emails, and appointment scheduling. Fees up sales reps' time to focus on more high-value activities, such as engaging with prospects and closing deals.

Enhanced communication

Communicate with prospects and customers more effectively and efficiently. Send personalized emails, schedule follow-up calls, and even send automated messages to move the sales needle faster.

Informed decisions

With custom dashboards and reports, sales teams can track crucial metrics and other performance indicators to help them identify areas for improvement and make data-backed decisions.

Our F&B ingredient solution is highly-integratable, so stop entering the same information into multiple systems. With a unified system in place, synchronize your sales data automatically without any struggle!

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