The Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

August 28, 2022
10 Min to read
Dharmendra Panwar

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the perfect amalgamation of CRM and ERP applications and if you wonder how to make most of it, then get in touch with a professional Microsoft Power Platform Partner.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

It is built to harness the overflowing data of businesses, and below are the Microsoft power platform fundamental components:

  • Power BI as a business analytics tools
  • Power apps to develop applications
  • Power automate to automate processes
  • Power virtual agents are virtual bots

Microsoft Power Platform Vs. Microsoft dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based, modular SaaS (software as a service) platform that helps businesses, employees, and customers enhance their activities. In addition, it is a great replacement for separate siloed marketing and sales functions.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Power platform is a PaaS (platform as a service) platform that allows companies to create and manage applications. Though both are intelligence and reporting tools, handling the Power Platform requires deep knowledge of SQL and databases to navigate the application properly. Hence, it is crucial to hire a Microsoft Power Platform Partner.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Easy to use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the option to search and find the applications your company needs, which facilitates the easy use of the services. Moreover, as it will be accessed through a web browser, every update and other fixes will be managed by Microsoft itself, and it can be accessed from anywhere through any device.

Highly customisable

It offers an extensive range of modular tools to adapt workflows and automate tasks across marketing, field service, sales, customer support, and others. In addition, if built-in tools do not meet your requirements, you can modify workflows.

Furthermore, it also provides adjustable deployment options, architecture, and pricing structures to suit your budget, company size, and KPIs.

Linked operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a system that combines front-end and back-end operations to manage each aspect of your business. Front-end and back-end functions are the base of any business, and hence, it is beneficial to hire the best Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE.

Practical insights

The built-in business intelligence and analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer insightful and actionable data instead of collecting just data. As a result, you can take practical measures to keep your business updated in the competitive world.

Cost-efficiency and simplicity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to buy what your business needs, and hence, you spend only for the services you need. In addition, it also removes the need to manage your server and data centre, leading to considerable savings.

Furthermore, it allows you to subscribe to the people for what they actually work and need not buy a large licence that covers all roles, simplifying your process.

Offers agility

The Microsoft Common Data model facilitates the removal of barriers between other crucial business platforms and allows the data to work together. As a result, it eliminates the silos of information and connects all data and processes together.

Allows social media monitoring

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing allows to schedule or instantly post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In addition, it also has some pretty useful social media listening functionality.

Monitor social media content through social media applications and help businesses get familiar with their target audience and adjust marketing tactics accordingly.

Provides data security

  • Network connectivity
  • Robust security
  • Access controls for applications and data built into cloud services
  • Physical data centre
  • Service hosting platform
  • Administrator and user access

Targeted marketing campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that you attract the right customers and offers a marketing automation tool. It streamlines the marketing processes like lead & client list creation, campaign creation to target relevant audiences, analysis of outcomes, and follow-up execution.

Compatible with other Microsoft products

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built to integrate other Microsoft products like Office suite 365. With such integrations, you can switch to Outlook to communicate, Power BI for data analysis, and SharePoint/Word/Excel for documentation. As a result, you can gain incomparable advantages.

Applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Individualise selling at scale
  • Elevate revenue with AI
  • Coach sellers with behavioural insights


  • Own your customer relationship
  • Create enthusiastic fans
  • Engage in unique ways


  • Offer personalised service experiences
  • Improve employee effectiveness
  • Optimise services


  • Faster adaptation and minimum disruptions
  • Automation allows for better performance
  • Work smarter with efficient results


  • Offer ceaseless shopping experiences
  • Automate and differentiate with Artificial Intelligence
  • Adapt faster with agility

Supply chain

  • Maximise the performance of assets
  • Satisfy the growing digital commerce needs
  • Transform manufacturing processes

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • The unified interface has responsive web design principles and offers optimal interaction experience and viewing for any device.
  • Advanced filtering allows creating and saving search filters for faster data analysis and easily finding records.
  • The forecasting feature can set forecast viewing permissions, allow column configuration, and live forecast modification.
  • With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use routing rules and route cases to targeted audiences at the right time.
  • SLA administration can leverage actions that allow you to configure actions for SLA easily.
  • You can easily create targeted applications with the App Module feature. Furthermore, you can also create a collection of apps or process flow.
  • Site Map Designer has an easy drag and drop tool with which you can create, customise, and edit site maps.
  • The relationship Insight tool can track and record customer interactions and, with its analysis, provides recommendations.
  • The Mobile workspace of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a user-friendly experience with features like layouts, editable grids, colours, tracking, and work task flows.
  • You can access CRM through email with the Outlook Access of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and increase work efficiency.
  • With the Visual Process Designer of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily create business rules, process workflows, and task flows.
  • The Editable Grids feature allows users to make in-line edits on desktop as well as a mobile version and streamline customer management.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows bringing the best out of the CRM and ERP investment with advanced and streamlined features. Moreover, its reliability, improved security, and functionality makes it the best possible option as a solo platform for integrated CRM and ERP services.

With cost-effectiveness avoiding £2.2 million in licensing, ease of access, and increased agility, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is beneficial for small, medium, and large scale businesses.

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