Enabling Automation Across Organizations

August 28, 2022
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Dharmendra Panwar

Automation Business Challenges

Understanding how you work, so that you know where to automate

  • More remote workers: Disparate systems, ​less standardization, lower visibility, greater need for information sharing.
  • Streamlined workforces: Higher workloads, capacity constraints, ​time-starved employees​.
  • Higher customer demands: Greater urgency,​ higher expectations and decreased satisfaction.
Focus On What Is Important. Automate The Rest.​

Automate business processes - optimize how you

  • Boost productivity: Digitize ad-hoc pen and paper processes across personal and organizational workflows.
  • Reduce redundancy: Reduce redundant tasks and focus on more strategic work with desktop automation.​
  • Scale securely: Securely scale and integrate automation across your organization in the cloud.
  • Automation is not an island: Leverage the One Microsoft Cloud so that automation is not an island.​

What you can do with automation​

  • Personal Automation​:
    Copy and paste across apps​
    Process info between legacy and modern systems​
    Generate reports and send email​
  • Supply Chain Management​:
    Process PO and invoice attachments in email​
    Automate calendaring and repair orders​
    Track inventory and real-time quantity
  • Customer Management​:
    Streamline loan applications and pre-approvals​
    Unify end-to-end purchase cycle​
    Enhance comms with partners​
  • Central Functions​:
    Reconcile finances across incompatible systems​
    Onboard employees with dispersed data​
    Manage requests and tickets​

Need a better way to work productively

Scale With Your Existing Tools​

  • Teams need an easy way to simplify processes across business applications.
  • Employees waste time switching between applications and working in different platforms.
  • Teams need ​built-in connectivity and tools that makes getting started easy for all users.
  • Automation tools are cumbersome. Teams need ​built-in connectivity and tools that makes getting started easy for all users.
  • Teams need ​built-in connectivity and tools that makes getting started easy for all users.
  • Automate routine tasks and approvals across apps like Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and more.
  • Get started quickly with cloud ​flows in Microsoft Teams.
  • Automate any time, anywhere across widely used 1st and 3rd party apps and services with built-in connectors and thousands of pre-built templates.

Automate Legacy Tasks With RPA​

  • Automate your desktop using cloud RPA and go further with desktop automation in Windows 10.​
  • Bridge the gaps across all your applications with RPA and identify opportunities for org-wide automation with process mining.​
  • Seamlessly integrate automation and chat bots with Power Virtual Agents. Infuse AI into workflows with AI Builder to deliver intelligent automation.

Scale Securely

  • Scale automation across departments and tech skill and equip developers to build even ​
    more powerful solutions.​
  • Create consistency across your ​data and automations with business process management.​
  • Empower a secure and ​compliant organization by​ scaling and automating anywhere, anytime with unattended RPA.​

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