Create a powerful sales automation engine for F&B ingredient solution providers.

Tailored sales automation built on Dynamics 365 Sales enabling efficient sales processes and enhancing customer experience.

The system that helps you enhance customer experience!

Common challenges faced during Sales process with Food & Beverages Ingredient solution providers

Managing Long-Term Engagements

Following up is taking that extra mile to express your vision. Companies tend to lose deals when there isn’t a system that helps them track their leads. Enhance this by building system that tracks opportunities!

Building Sales Project & Collaboration

The need to have a structure that enhances customer experience is inevitable, alongside and driving the right people from your team to collaborate with the respective client in itself is challenging

Tracking Customer Behaviour

Helping customers visualize their journey is important so is analyzing the performance. Having a structure in place would ease this up.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience with a certified Dynamics 365 partner

Are you ready to get on a transformation journey that’s seamless and less frustrating? We’re guessing you are because of our three key selling points.

We can help you to build a robust Sales automation engine which caters to your specific needs

Our implementation experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to
help resolve obstacles and ensure an outstanding impact.

Enhanced sales

Provide advanced data to sales teams to improve customer experience. It can be integrated with CRM to provide customers with a more personalized experience. Using it also allows salespeople to spend more time on strategic activities instead of time-consuming tasks. 

How we execute:
Advanced data can improve customer experience for sales teams.
Integration with CRM allows for personalized experiences for customers.
Using advanced data allows salespeople to focus on strategic activities.

Improved visibility of customer opportunity life cycle

Helping you get a better understanding of your customer’s journey and the end-to-end process they go through, creating room for better customer experience and suggestions. Create a strategic road map that helps you visualize and take note of touch points and scenarios with desired timelines. Helping in improving the conversion rate alongside that reducing customer defection rate.

How we execute:
Understanding the customer journey can lead to better customer experience and suggestions.
A strategic road map can help visualize touch points and desired timelines.
Improving the conversion rate and reducing customer defection rate can be beneficial.

Holistic View of opportunity and order tracking

This solution helps you keep track of every single record with full details of the order and ingredients that need to be procured giving you a detailed overview along with which is delivered and which is not. Additionally, you can track the status of your inventory aiding you to plan ahead by avoiding inventory shortages.

How we execute:
This solution helps track every record with full details of orders and ingredients.
You can track the status of your inventory to avoid shortages.
This solution provides a detailed overview of what has been delivered and what has not.

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Terracez helped us to achieve the business critical requirement of upgrading AX 2012 to D365 within our timelines.  It was important for us to completely upgrade in 2 months which they achieved well before, where other MS partners told was not possible to do.

Kareem Jamal, GEMS

Terracez team is a great consultancy, which follows an agile approach to solve any kind of business issues. We are adding a lot of automation with their experienced and highly-skilled team in the manufacturing domain.

Zubair N. Kozhissery, Arnon KSA

We wanted a partner to support in transitioning SATS’ processes to comply with the new regulation quickly. Terracez understood our business and helped us in enabling the process efficiency without compromising on compliance.

Mohammed Shareef, SATS
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